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Selected Credits


Director of Photography (Feature Film) 'The Dare' Dir. Giles Alderson, Millenium Films, (ALEXA MINI, ALEXA ST)

Director of Photography (TV Series) Season 1 & 2 'Borderline', Littlerock Productions/Channel 5 (F55)

Director of Photography (Commercial) 'Kate Moss - IDOL Eyes' Rimmel London (ALEXA)

Director of Photography (Commercial) Marie Claire, Red Bull Media (Ursa Mini 4.6k)

Director of Photography (Feature Film) 'World of Darkness' Dir. Giles Alderson, Lucky Day, (RED, F55)

Director of Photography (Feature Film) 'To Dream' Anomaly Cinema, (RED)

Director of Photography (Series) 'Richard Herring's 'As it Occurs to Me' Richard Herring, Go Faster Stripe (RED)

Director of Photography (Series) Supreme Tweeter. Episodes 1-3, Dir. Rosie Collins, Harry Lloyd (RED)

Director of Photography (Feature Film)  'One Thing Left to Do',  Cinematic Release,  (RED)

Director of Photography (Commercial) 'David Gandy for Marks and Spencer', Adjust Your Set (CANON)

Director of Photography (Commercial) 'Kate Moss - IDOL Eyes' Rimmel London (ALEXA)

Director of Photography (Feature Film, 2nd Unit) 'LA Slasher',  JJS Films / Gold Films, (ALEXA)

Director Of Photography (Commercial) '10 Reasons to Bank with Hallifax' (RED)

Director of Photography (Music Promo) 'Public Service Broadcasting - The Night Mail', Radar Music, (5Dmkiii)

Director of Photography (Commercial) ‘Flirty Pretty Things’ DPT Clothing Label (RED)

Director of Photography (Broadcast) 'Classic Rock Magazine Roll of Honour Awards' 2014, RUN Productions/Sky Arts (Multi-cam)

Director of Photography (Commercial) ‘The Glorious Georges’-HRP Curator’s Stories Lucy Woresly (5dmkiii/Alexa)

Director of Photography (Commercial) 'Pure Audio-Jongo All the Way'  (SONY) 

Director of Photography (Fashion Film) 'Sarah Helen' dir. Matt Smith (RED)

Director of Photography (Music Promo) Dee Dee 'Pom Poms' (RED)

Director of Photography (Short) 'Annie' (ALEXA)

Cinematographer, 'Go with God' (Short) Arrondissement Films, (ARRI ALEXA) 

Cinematographer, (Short), LUX, SilverKoi Films (RED)

Cinematographer, (Short) Trash, Anomaly Cinema, (RED)

Cinematographer, (Short) 'An Equinox of Love' Magnetic Hill Film Company, (ARRI ALEXA)

Cinematographer (Short) 'On letting Go', Mobley Street Productions,  (RED) 

Camera Operator, (TV Drama) 'Eastenders' BBC (HD Multicamera)

Cinematographer, (Commercial) 'The Twenty Series' PMC Loud Speakers, 2012

Cinematographer (Music Promo) GangstaGrass- Ain't No Love' Mobley Street Prods. (RED)

Cinematographer, (Commercial) British Heart Foundation, 'Michelle' Brand Film (7D)

Cinematographer/Dir. SSE (Brand Films) Emerald Films (RED)  

Cinematographer,' (Additional Content) 'Vikings' The History Channel/Mobley Street (HDCAM F900)

DSLR Camera Specialist (Broadcast) ‘The National Lottery’, Endemol, BBC (BBC One Prime Time Tx),

DSLR Camera Specialist (Broadcast) ‘The National Lottery’, Endemol, BBC,  (BBC One Prime Time Tx),

Director of Photography, (Drama) The Family Film Pilot, 5DmkII, Emerald Films,

DSLR Camera Specialist, (Broadcast) The National Lottery 'Good Causes-Paralympics Dressage, Endemol,

Camera Supervisor, (Broadcast) BFBS News, Episodes 1-370. Live Nightly News Show, BFBS Television, 

Lighting Cameraman, (Broadcast) ‘Room 785’ Kids Magazine Show, BFBS Television, 

Director of Photography, (Music Promo) Leanne Walsh ‘Same Direction’, (DSLR)

Director of Photography, (Broadcast) ‘The National Lottery’ Commercial, Endemol, BBC April 2011 (Motion Capture/Rotoscope)

DSLR Camera Specialist. (Commercial) 'TIGI Sessions Commercial material', Bespoke Banter/So Productions, DSLR/, 

Cinematographer, (Commercial) 'Swap Your Box',  BFBS TV, XDCAM, 

Lighting Director, (Broadcast)  European Financial News (Pilot), SKY TV, DigiBeta

Cinematographer (Commercial) 'Heatwave',  November, AFBL

Director of Photography, (Commercial) Arqiva Studios, ARQIVA HDCAM

Director of Photography, (Corporate) 'Xerox and ACS One Year On' (DSLR), Wolfe Productions

Director of Photography (Broadcast) 'Live in your Living Room' -Live music Show- (Pilot Episode), Out-of-Bounds Music, September 2010, (5Dmkii, 7d) 

Director of Photography, (Music Promo) Mark Ridout Night Sky' Music Promo, Ridout Music

Director-Prod/Director of Photography, (Music Promo) EvenFlowersKill 'Ruth has Information which will Destroy You' DeadDuck Productions,  Copro Records. (DSLR)

Director of Photography,  (Short). 'Look at all the Things I Don’t Need'. Panico Productions (Digital)

Director of Photography (Music Promo) Alley Cat Dogs, 'How Freaky Do You Wanna?', Lemon Music Group. (S16mm)

Director of Photography, (Documentary) 'Official Bloodstock Music Documentary' (Feature Length Documentary' Dead Duck Productions

Director of Photography, (LE) Live Concerts, (inc. Lacuna Coil, Arch Enemy-Bloodstock/Century Media) Multicam

Cinematographer, (Shorts) Dallas online WebDrama Episodes 1-3, Dallus (HDV)

Director of Photography, (Short) January, S16mm Short, The Last Friend. Panico Productions (S16mm Vision 2/DI)

Director of Photography, (Short) January 2007-Feb2008 , S16mm Short, Self Storage, Panico Productions (S16mm/DI)

Director of Photography, (Music Promo) August 2006 Faultline 'Daisycutter' Broadcast Music Promo. DeadDuck Productions (8mm)

Director of Photography, (Short) 'Careful in Gloaming'.  (Digital)

Camera Operator, (Broadcast) ABC Good Morning America - Buckingham Palace Special, ABC

Camera Supervisor, (LE) Michael Flatley, 'Celtic Tiger', Universal Entertainment.

Director/Director of Photography, (Music Promo) Sika Redem, No Gods no Masters,  UK release. (Digi-Beta)

Director of Photography (Music Promo)  'Frowser, The King with Personality Plus' (Digital)



The Guild of television Cameramen



BA (Hons) Communication Culture and Media


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